Saturday, September 21, 2019

Kuala Kedah Fort

Built in 1771  and completed in 1780, the Kuala Kedah fort was the place where wars were fought to maintain Kedah's independence against many enemies (Siamese, Achehnese, and Bugis). It was built with the help of the Portugese. Its location is rather unique;  its western wall faces the Straits of Malacca and southern wall overlooks the Kedah River.

The original fort was made from clay, timber, and bamboo, and used by the Portugese as a trading depot.

In 1619 Aceh sent over a fleet, destroyed the fort and ousted the Portugese.

The fort was rebuilt again but only to be destroyed again by the Bugis in 1770.

Francis Light took over and evicted the Bugis. The fort was reinforced again with the help of imported Indian labor in 1780.  The Siamese attacked and destroyed the fort AGAIN in 1838.

 British Archway

 Kacapuri Archway


 This spot is the closest we get in looking for a "beach".

Pekan Rabu

Wanna shop for clothes, food stuff, snacks, sweets or any local stuff in Alor Setar???

Welcome to Pekan Rabu @ Wednesday Market.

Why a Wednesday market? Apparently, in 1920 it only opens on Wednesdays only. And in those days, 4-floor complex was just a market with palm leaves as its roof. Today it is a 4-storey complex, a must-visit place, and opens daily. It is located right downtown and you can literally get everything there, from batiks to food.  Every stall sells similar stuff but it is still an interesting place to visit. The people there are nice and friendly.

Ground floor has a food court and the boutiques sell clothing and batik.
First floor has more clothing boutiques.
Second floor has all the edible stuff; snacks, kuehs and sweets. Some even make their kuehs right there in their shop. They always welcome a good chat.
Third floor offers all food stuff from dried prawns to fermented fish.

 Snacks and biscuits

 Salted fish hanging from the ceiling
 Ikan pekasam @ fermented fish
 Assortment of "serunding" or meat floss

 Assortment of dates

 Kuih Bunga Pudak

It is crispy and filled with grated coconut. It is named after the "Pudak" tree and it is Kedah's specialty kueh. Endangered, I called it. 
 Lai Chi Kang
Laksam Kedah

Friday, September 20, 2019

Turtle Alley, Kuala Terengganu

Turtle Alley is beautiful. Turtle Alley is people's heart and soul put into it. Turtle Alley is hope.
Hope that some people do actually care about our turtles. Some people sincerely want to protect our turtles. 

It just breaks my heart that when you go to the market (Pasar Payang), just about 6 minutes away, turtles eggs are being sold for RM20 per packet. 

So where is the unity of conserving our turtles?

This alley is beautiful because each turtle was designed using mosaics. The colors are captivating. The mosaic turtles are on the walls as well as on the ground. So much effort, time and love was being put in to create this alley.