Friday, February 1, 2019

Shilin Market Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan
Shilin Market in Taipei is the biggest night market in the Shilin District. I loved the atmosphere there. It is a pretty cool place to walk around the taste to your heart's content. There were many many interesting food booths for visitors to gawk at and to actually buy and taste. There were also little boutiques and souvenir shops for you to browse around. I totally loved the stinky tofu and ohhhhh, there was a stall selling suckling roast PIG! Oh my....the piggy looked sooooo yummy!!! I thought that more people took photos of the pig than buying it to eat.

Shilin Market, Taipei, Taiwan
Stinky tofu. Totally stinky 10 miles away but absolutely delicious when you take your first bite. Magic!
Nope. The dildos were not edible. I actually thought it was some food shaped like dildos but nope, they were actually dildos!

This shop served herbal soups. Wow, a long queue.

A temple right in the middle of Shilin street
White bittergourds
Desserts. Yes, they were real!!!
More sausages and meat
Pork ribs
Dim sum
Shilin Market, Taipei, Taiwan

Bacon wrapped green onions
Pork buns

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Yong Kang Street Taipei

Yong Kang Street Taipei is home to the original Din Tai Fung, a world renowned restaurant that serves the famous Siew Loong Pau or Xiao Long Bao @ Soup Dumplings. Other than Din Tai Fung, Yong Kang Street is also famous for its beef noodles and mango dessert. However, there are plenty of cafes and eateries around Yong Kang street and little boutiques that sell clothing and souvenirs. It is a "happening" place to visit. 
Taipei, Taiwan

Dragon beard veggie
Chinese sausage
Fried rice

Interesting to see the main person handling the prawn noodles was seated right in front of the shop.

Mango dessert crowd
Beef noodles crowd

Lemon tart
I stood and watch. Amazed. Wished my country would put this good habit to practice. 2 trucks would drive along the road with music blaring away. The music is to inform all shopkeepers that they are here and to get their rubbish together. I saw shopkeepers walking out with their rubbish; all well-separated and tied properly in bags. They would queue up to throw their rubbish in one truck and rubbish for recycling into another truck. Such discipline. No smells. No dirty water dripping from the rubbish trucks. In fact, I have never seen such clean rubbish trucks in my life!
Enjoying the fireplace

Mango dessert